Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dear Representative,

Since you have been so kind as to inquire, the first thing I should like to communicate to you is that I consider it a constructive political act on your part to present your constituents with an itemized list of issues from your agenda and ask their opinion. For this I thank you. That said, I was somewhat displeased with the wording of the first two items listed in the “Agenda For America” section of your website. My two complaints are as follows:

1. Rather than “achieve success in Iraq” I would like to live long enough to witness the total cessation of unprovoked US violence against the citizens of foreign nations. Barring invasion or attack by another country’s armed forces, the US should either achieve its ambitions through trade and diplomacy or abandon them.

2. It is of little use to the great majority of your constituents whether the “United States maintains its position as the world’s top economy” or not, since such benefits as might have issued from this nominal state of affairs (which in any event requires more precise definition) could hardly be described as having “trickled down” in any politically significant way. To my thinking, the way this item is worded suggests the maintenance of revenue levels of firms in which US parties hold majority stakes, which is something that would not be very high on my agenda, since, in and of itself, the preservation of the status quo is not a civic-minded goal.

Yours concerned,

Citizen Ken


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