Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Latest from Tony Blah

As regards the article “Blair says Syria, Iran risk confrontation” by Adrian Croft (Reuters Tuesday, August 1, 2006; 6:43 PM, link below), Blair's notion that the victims of the Israeli invasion are fighting democracy is highly nauseous and reeks of cheap public-relations inanity in that it blatantly ignores the fact that the Republic of Lebanon is (was?) a multi-ethnic, parliamentary democracy that once again will have been prevented from exercising itself precisely on account of armed conflicts of the sort recently initiated by Israel. Read a tendentious account of this latest Tony Blurt here.

Also, we can be fairly certain we're dealing with a concerted public relations exercise in how to sell a modern armed conflict, because we keep hearing about the "war between Hezbollah and Israel,” when "the Israeli invasion of Lebanon" would be a more factual description of the situation.

To my mind, one sane conclusion from Blair's admonition would be that the whole invasive operation was dreamt up as a provocation by proxy on the part of the US and UK in the first place: Israel’s impune attack is Iraq’s tormentors’ way of inviting Iran and Syria to war and catastrophic bombardment, R.S.V.P. Chilling here is the fact that at the same moment this monstrosity takes place, the UN presents a draft for a new resolution proposing sanctions against Iran if the latter continues to develop its nuclear capabilities. (The UN, incidentally, is not set up by charter to make menacing comments on the stage of scientific advancement of sovereign nations. It is, more to the point, set up by charter to halt aggression of the type just perpetuated against the Lebanon.)

As a bonus for those not yet tired of injustice, the above now-famous photo of the bombed Lebanese ambulance (found, among other places, in this short and commendable piece) provides insight into the contemptuous way Israeli forces ostentate their precision-hit capabilities to the world: If they are capable of delivering a hit in the EXACT centre of the red cross on the roof of an ambulance, then we must wonder how "collateral damage" is possible at all? We are left with the conclusion that Israeli forces are probably attacking the UN, two-year-old civilians, and the Red Cross on purpose and by way of intimidation.


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